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John and Anne Strika, have successfully been producing sweet treats since they opened the doors of J. Strika Candies in 1972. By working day and night, they developed the greatest chocolate candies that over time became the ultimate product that J. Strika Candies is known for. A product with high standards and quality was created; a box of candy that John and Anne could be proud to put their name on. Every item at J. Strika Candies is made with the old-fashioned and traditional methods of confection, with only the best quality ingredients. We continue to offer the type of chocolate from the good old days remembered by earlier generations. Such an old-fashioned process has been left behind by the commercial-sized chocolate manufacturing companies of today, yet it is the only way the J. Strika Candies operates. We offer our customers a unique and delicious candy that is skillfully made with love and lot of heart.


    The current history of the family business, continues on by Sharon (the youngest daughter of John and Anne) and husband Bill Webb that have taken over J. Strika Candies. We relocated the business to the City of Clinton Township from the “Old Neighborhood”. Sharon has been involved in the family Chocolate business, for most her life. She stills continues to keep the high quality of the Timeless Traditions, Passions and Recipes, handed down from her parents.

In maintaining the standards of ingredients, the same ultra high grade of Chocolate will never be changed. Kept in place are the same old fashioned processes of cooking, such as Kettle Roasted Nuts and Buttery Caramel, that we will continue offer to you. Don’t forget the ever popular and famous Rum Cherry Cordials that are soaked to perfection

We at J. Strika Candies welcome you to our new store and new look, that keeps the same family values and old style chocolate Candies that have been forgotten by most current Chocolatiers.
Thank you for continuing to be a part of the History of J. Strika Candies. And don’t forget, when you say it…

“Say It With Candy”



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